Which country has the most beautiful women in the world?

Dating in Asia

It’s no secret that many men (and some women) travel (or move) to Asia with the express purpose of dating and or getting laid there.

There’s something about the Orient which entices the senses and speaks to the imagination.

This has also been called “yellow fever”, a term I’ve never really cared for.

Asian women are generally rather different in many regards from Western women: more traditional, smaller, more feminine and caring, and so on.

Is this a stereotype? Perhaps, but from anecdotal evidence and personal experience, I can attest to its general veracity.

In general, plenty of Asian women can be considered the most beautiful in the world.

That’s not to say they are perfect, of course, because there are definitely plenty of downsides to dating in Asia as well.

Today I want to delve a little bit deeper into this subject, and tell you about dating in Asia in general, the pros and cons, and my experiences.

What is dating in Asia?

Dating in Asia is, quite simply, dating Asian women on their home turf.

Or Asian men, but let’s be real, the vast majority of people interested in dating in Asia are straight men, so I’ll proceed with that in mind.

The topic of gay dating and ladyboys in Asia will have to wait for another day.

Dating a Chinese girl in New York who’s been raised in the US doesn’t count, as she’s been Westernized and isn’t a real “Asian” Asian girl anymore – in the ways that are significant for the purposes of this article, that is.

Asia is of course a large region, so let’s list the most common countries people travel to in order to date Asian women:

Other options include Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia, although they don’t seem to be that popular for various reasons.

Advantages of dating in Asia

  • It’s usually much easier as a Western man to find a girlfriend of someone to have sex with in Asia, as you’re exotic and perceived as having higher value
  • The women are generally much more feminine and pleasant to be with, away from all the woke and social justice nonsense pervading the West and corrupting its women
  • There are a lot of single women here looking to date, so there’s plenty of choice
  • It gives you the opportunity to start a life away from the West, it opens your mind to the fact that you don’t need to stay in your home country to find affection
  • There’s often a much thinner barrier concerning age difference – plenty of young women don’t see any problem in dating (or having sex with) older men
  • Asia in general is an upcoming region, so there are massive advantages to moving here, apart from just dating
  • Life is generally much cheaper in Asia (with exceptions of course), so going out on many dates and paying for drinks and so forth isn’t that expensive

Disadvantages of dating in Asia

  • Asian women are often pretty traditional, which means they could be expecting something like marriage in your future, or at least a serious commitment – it’s up to you to set the boundaries of the relationship of course, but keep this in mind. Yes, this is in sharp contrast to the lower barrier to sex that is also present, don’t ask me to explain the mind of Asian women
  • In Asia, family is much more important than in the West, and in countries such as the Philippines you’ll have to get used to the family of your girlfriend getting involved in your life (unless you and your girl tell them to fuck off), or even asking for money
  • Some Asian countries have lower educational standards, which means most girls won’t be highly educated and having in-depth conversations will be difficult
  • There’s always the matter of the language barrier – in countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia, the average English proficiency is actually pretty good, so you can communicate with most people – but in, say, Vietnam or China, this won’t be the case and you could run into problems
  • If you’re dating an Asian woman, there will almost always be the expectation of money – I don’t mean that in the prostitution way (although that is most definitely also present), but in the form of “allowances”, and you paying for mostly everything

Own experiences dating in Asia

I don’t have extensive experience dating in Asia, and currently it only extends to 3 countries: China, the Philippines and Vietnam – but rest assured that I’ve got plans to expand my horizon to Thailand and Japan soon.

Contrary to many people’s opinion of China currently, I found young Chinese women to be generally pleasant and fun to be with.

There weren’t that many lookers, however, especially in cities such as Shanghai where the poor air quality and diet often wreak havoc on the girls’ complexion.

Apart from that, breasts and butts were mostly small to medium.

Vietnam was great too, with many more beautiful girls, but similar boyish proportions.

If you’re into curvy women, this isn’t the place for you.

The language barrier really was noticeable here, and caused some issues. That being said, Vietnam is great for dating as a Western man, and you won’t regret it.

And lastly, the Philippines, probably the easiest country in Asia (and the world?) to get laid in.

Girls are very open to foreigners, and you’ve definitely got a higher status, especially if you’re somewhat rich based on local standards (which is easy to do).

I’ve dated quite a few women here, and even though there were plenty of gold diggers and psychos, the vast majority were fun, sweet and pleasant to be with.

The average girl isn’t that attractive, and they all look pretty much the same at a distance (5ft-5ft2, black hair, small boobs), but some are really pretty.

If you’re into the Asian-Latina look, Filipinas will be right up your alley – pun intended.

All in all, I’ve had a lot of fun dating in Asia, and while there were some situations I now regret getting into, it has been a blast and has enriched my life beyond description.

Is dating in Asia worth it?

In conclusion, I can say that dating in Asia is definitely worth it, and lives up to the “hype”.

Asian women can make, by and large, amazing partners, both romantic and sexual.

There are several things you have to keep in mind, such as their family, the potential language barrier and the expectation of money, but apart from that … life’s good in Asia.

It’s an upcoming region in the world, so living here while dating the many, many beauties is all you’d expect it to.

I’ve been doing this for close to a decade now, and I haven’t had cause to regret it.

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  1. Anon

    The advantages and disadvantages sections are the same.

    1. Stephen

      You are correct. Thank you very much for pointing that out to me, I fixed it.

  2. anon

    Stay in the west where you belong, Asian countries don’t need western men ruining the pristine seas and lands with the western “exoticness”

    1. Stephen

      You make a valid, well-constructed and informative point. I will take your advice and board the next plane out of here. Thank you so much!

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