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Moving to the Philippines

Philippines Score
Shithole Paradise

What is the Philippines?

moving to philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago in Southeast Asia, consisting of over 7000 islands in the western Pacific Ocean.

The country is divided roughly into 3 regions: the northern part Luzon, where the capital city of Manila is, the middle Visayas (Cebu) and the southern Mindanao (Davao).

It’s a sunny, tropical country with plenty to offer for anyone who is considering moving to the Philippines, from the US, Canada, Australia or Europe.

The Philippines is a multinational state, with a lot of different ethnic groups, cultures and languages.

I’ve been living here for many years, and it’s by far my favorite country in the world, for many, many reasons.

There are some obvious disadvantages, as is the case with every other country, but overall, for me, the Philippines is awesome.

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Advantages of moving to the Philippines

  • Sunny climate

    The Philippines has a tropical climate, meaning it’s nearly always hot here. This can be great if you’re into diving and going to the beach

  • Beautiful nature

    This country boasts a wide variety of beautiful nature, clear oceans, diving spots, mountains, jungles, interesting animals, and so on

  • Low cost of living

    The Philippines is very cheap, especially compared to the West. Your cost of living will go down in almost every case, upon moving to the Philippines from the US or any other “advanced” nation

  • Friendly locals

    Filipinos are generally very nice. I’ve lived here for over half a decade and haven’t had any unpleasant encounters

  • Booming economy

    This country is in full development, and will continue growing for the foreseeable future

  • Easy visa

    The Visa-process is very relaxed and hassle free. Attaining citizenship is usually not possible, and residence only if you marry a Filipino, but you can easily just go for visa-extensions

  • English is an official language

    English is an official language, next to “Filipino”, a standardized varied of Tagalog. This means that you can get by using just this language

  • Easy sex

    As a Western man, it’s pretty easy to get laid here. Obviously, likewise for Western women

Disadvantages of moving to the Philippines

  • Too hot and humid

    Doing any kind of activity outside when the sun is up will almost always result in sweating your ass off – unless you’re on a boat, under water, on a mountain, or any other elevated or air-conditioned location

  • Natural disasters

    The country lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire, making it a rather frequent recipient of earthquakes and typhoons

  • Very religious and superstitious

    I follow a philosophy of personal freedom where everyone can do or believe whatever the fuck they want, as long as it stays within the personal realm and does not hinder others or society at large. But unfortunately, in this country religion and superstition have several disastrous side-effects, most commonly the retardation of general education and society at large, and Islamic terror in some parts of the country

  • Poor education

    Education is generally substandard, so that means that intelligent and educated people are pretty rare. I’ve met quite a few, but if you compare that to the hundreds upon hundreds of people I’ve met so far, this is a really small percentage. This also means that if you want to settle down here and have children, you’re going to have to keep a close eye on the things they teach your children in school

  • Corruption

    Corruption is rampant and pervades every layer of society. The president is corrupt, senators take bribes, the healthcare system went broke because the managers stole the funds, you have to purchase a few items before you are granted your diploma in school, and so on

  • Anti-drugs

    Drugs are not only illegal here, possession is punished rather harshly. If you think the US has a strict War on Drugs, you should see what the assholes in charge of this country do to people who sell some cannabis. The ones that get thrown in jail for life are the lucky ones, most just get shot

  • Third world country

    Random blackouts occur, the internet is of subpar quality, infrastructure is often laughable. It’s infrequent to walk around big cities and not see something broken or under repair. If you are easily inconvenienced, moving to the Philippines is not for you

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Moving to the Philippines - by the numbers

Philippines Score
Shithole Paradise

Climate: 7.6/10

Typical Southeast Asian tropical country, warm and humid.

Hours of sunshine (8/10) Temperature (9.5/10) Rainy days (8/10) Humidity (5/10)
26.6 C – 80 F

Cost of Living: 9/10

Minimum Annual Wage Average monthly cost single person

The Philippines is a very cheap place to live, and if you’re single, you can easily get by on $600-800 a month, without having to give up on many luxuries.

If you’re supporting a family, this number would be roughly double that.

Of course, all of this is highly dependent on where you live, and what kind of lifestyle you desire.

It’s very possible to spend thousands of dollars a month here, blowing it on drugs, alcohol, partying, hookers, you name it.

But if you’re just a normal person, living a quiet life with a few hobbies, you truly do not need much money.

In addition, you can open a bank account here, making it rather easy to plant a flag, or save on expenses.

Taxes on international income: 7/10

0%, unless you are considered a resident (if you spend 182+ days per year there), then it lies between 5 and 32%.

Economic growth: 8/10

Average GDP growth over the last 10 years: 5%

Safety: 6.7/10

Safe in nearly every major city, but there are definitely regions you should avoid, such as the western part of Mindanao.

Global Terrorism Index (5/10) Intentional homicide rate (6/10) Rape rate (9/10)

Visa: 5.7/10

  • Visa (10/10)

    Most Westerners can get a Visa on arrival, which is possible to be extended for 2 to 6 months at a time, for a total of 5 years before you have to leave the country (after which you can just come back)

  • Permanent Residence (7/10)

    Can be granted pretty easily through marriage (I would advise against it, as divorce is technically illegal), or via a Quota Visa

  • Citizenship (0/10)

    Probably not possible, unless you have a Filipino parent

How is living in the Philippines as a foreigner?

Living in the Philippines as a foreigner is pretty awesome. You often enjoy an elevated status in the eyes of many girls, which makes dating a breeze.

In addition, if you are used to making a Western salary, you can live here very comfortably.

English is widely spoken, so you can communicate with nearly everyone at a basic level.

There is no real need to learn the local language, although I would advise you to do so anyway.

Filipinos are – at least to foreigners – very nice people, and I’ve met many wonderful human beings.

In short, if you want to live a relaxed, low-pressure, sun-sea-beach life, you can’t really go wrong with the Philippines.

Whether you want to party all day, raise a family, or just escape the West, you can do so here.

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