five flags

Five Flags

Once you’ve escaped the West and are settled in another, hopefully more promising nation, things are looking up for you.

Instead of being at risk of getting dragged down when the West collapses, you are in an ideal position to profit from the nearly inevitable rise of other nations.

However, just moving to a single other country and putting all your eggs in that particular basket is not the best thing to do.

You would end up trading one country that you fully rely on for another.

After all, no matter how well you’ve researched the country you’re planning to move to, there could always be factors you did not take into account that cause that country to turn into a less than pleasant place to live down the road.

They might increase their previously low taxes, curtail the rights foreigners or non-native citizens have, experience a coup, and so on.

The solution?

Never rely on any single country.

Instead of having one country that dominates every aspect of your life, spread important aspects of your life across multiple locations, such as your legal residence, investments, banking and businesses.

This comes down to internationalizing and diversifying your lifestyle.

If you want to be truly free, it is therefore imperative you plant Flags in multiple countries across the world.

What are flags?

A “Flag” in this context refers to an important aspect of your life.

The title of this article is “Five Flags”, which is the most common term people use when referring to this principle.

There are a number of specific Flags people talk about in this context, and usually they mean five, but in my opinion, the most important ones are:

  1. Residence
  2. Citizenship (passport)
  3. Business(es)
  4. Banking
  5. Investments and assets
  6. Source of income

As you can tell, there are six, according to my standards. You can place more, or less, depending on how safe you want to make your lifestyle.

Having all your Flags in the same country is very dangerous, and you are virtually guaranteed to run into issues because of it.

I would strongly recommend you spread each of these factors over many countries.

five flags

Why plant flags?

If you rely 100% on any one country, no matter how perfect it may seem, you cannot be truly independent, because something could happen to that country (or to the factors which you rely upon), and then you’re completely fucked.

While planting Flags was optional years ago, at the moment I would say it is mandatory for every man or woman who wants to be free to lead an international lifestyle, with multiple Flags planted all over the world.

The need for Flagging wasn’t a huge issue many years ago, when Western countries were actually good and stable places to live, with a thriving economy and more personal freedom.

Keeping all your Flags in a Western nation right now is madness.

This particular issue once again emphasizes the importance of escaping the West.

If you put every Flag in the same country (any country), that country will dominate your life.

You are at the mercy and whims of that nation, and by extension of what other people do, want, and how they vote.

Others determine the course of your life, what you can and cannot do.

Never be dependent on any single country for multiple flags.

If you do, that country has control over you.

That particular government knows exactly how much you are worth, how much you earn, where the money goes, and they can tax you to the fullest extent.

They can choose to limit your freedom to travel in or out of that country, take away your citizenship, freeze your banking accounts, shut down your businesses, confiscate your assets (for whatever reason they deem fit), and so on.

If you think any of this sounds unrealistic, you haven’t been following the news lately.

COVID-19 might not be the leading cause of the collapse of the West, but it most certainly has expedited it.

More and more civil liberties are being taken away, and people who have only one nation for their Flags are starting to experience just how detrimental this can be.

And do you think your particular nation will become freer in the next few years, or will there be more and more restrictions on what you can do?

Benefits of flagging

The benefits of having multiple Flags are legion, but they can be boiled down to two simple things: more freedom and lower taxes.

More freedom is by far the most important aspect here, and that is exactly what Flagging can give you.

No single nation will be able to control you anymore, be it logistically (where you can go and live), financially (how much money they can legally steal from you) or psychologically (you will never feel restricted anymore, like a caged animal).

If you have your assets, businesses and sources of income, bank accounts, citizenship and passports, spread across a variety of countries, no single nation can ever shut you down.

You are a citizen of the world, free to travel around, make plenty of money, and live a happy life.

If you choose wisely, you put each Flag in a country that is most advantageous to it.

And as I’ll tackle in articles about each specific Flag, there are plenty of options.

Should you plant flags?

The concept of having multiple Flags all across the world probably looks very intimidating by now.

It doesn’t have to be, because you are in no way obligated to do any of this.

You can customize this method, and only plant the Flags that are relevant to you.

Or plant none, but that definitely comes with some risk.

Ask yourself what you want to do, what is important in your life?

Do you want to be able to travel across the world whenever you want, knowing you have guaranteed access to several nations, and that your money is safe because you’re highly diversified across the globe?

Or do you just want to move to another country and get Residence or Citizenship there, and not worry about any of the other Flags?

Both options are fine, as is everything in between.

The best way to handle this, if you aren’t sure yet what you want, is to just take it one Flag at a time.

Don’t rush it, just start with two Flags, before you even move out of the West.

Set up a location independent business, and think about which country you could potentially move to, where you can get Residence and/or Citizenship.

Once you’ve moved to your nation of choice, get started on attaining either Residence and/or Citizenship.

If it’s the latter, you’ll probably not want to stay there forever.

At this point, you’re doing very well already.

Now it’s just a matter of methodically adding flags as you work on your international lifestyle.

Do more research, travel to potentially interesting locations. Open some bank accounts, do some investments, get started on another Residence.

It’s 100% up to you. Decide what you want in life, and then pursue the Flags you need to make it a reality.

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