location independent income

Location independent income

If you want to be free of the West, you need to be self-employed and have at least one source of location independent income.

This means that it is not sufficient to just have the ability to earn money wherever you are in the world, you also need to be in full control of this income.

Working for someone else (or even worse, for the government) means you are dependent on that person or that entity, even if they “allow” you to work remotely.

If this person or entity decides to fire your ass, you’d lose your source of income, and you’d be fucked.

Be your own boss, there is no other way to be truly free.

In addition, your business or source of income cannot be tied to a specific location.

If something were to happen to that location (such as an increase in taxes, stricter regulations, economic collapse, and so on), you would lose (part of) your income.

Nearly everyone with a regular job is an employee with a location dependent income.

They need to report to a specific location at certain times, to work a designated amount of hours.

If they do not, they do not earn money.

This makes them slaves to the system, hamsters in a wheel, perpetually spinning around and around, chasing pay-checks, unable to escape.

At any point, for whatever reason, their source of income could dry up, causing all kinds of issues.

And even if this never actually happens, the fear of it happening severely impacts their psyche, both consciously and subconsciously.

Obviously, such a system can never work for anyone who values freedom, and especially not if you want to escape the West.

You absolutely must be able to earn money wherever you are, whenever you want, and be in full control of your income.

This is by far the most important requirement for escaping the West, and once you get this sorted, everything else will usually work out.

If you fuck up and move to a country that you start to hate after a few months, not a problem.

As long as you still have your location independent income, you can just pack up your bags and move elsewhere.

If you move to your ideal country that you never tire of, but you rely on someone or something else to provide you with funding, and you are not self-employed with a location independent income … you will run into issues down the line.

I cannot emphasize this enough.

If you want to escape the West and live free, you have to work for yourself.

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How to get a location independent income?

Attaining location independent income is relatively easy, and I would say that nearly everyone can do it.

There are several levels here, going from suboptimal to ideal:

Working for someone else from home

The first is working for someone or something else, from home.

This is a regular job where you can just work from home and never have to actually show up somewhere.

Examples would be live-chat-customer-service-agents (unless they need to work from a call center) and off-base marketers.

In this scenario you are still heavily tied to the location of your job.

If the company you work for is located in, say, Germany, and Germany goes down (which it will), so does your income.

Or if the company decides to fire you, you lose your source of income.

This is not a great option at all, and it is barely a step above location dependent income where you do need to report to a specific location at certain times.

Keep in mind once again that if you rely on a pension, you fall under this category as well.

If something happens to the government which gives you this income, you are fucked.

And please realize that hoping or strongly asserting that nothing will ever happen to your pension for this and that reason is a poor strategy for your long-term happiness.

And it’s doubly foolish to rely on such a system if you’re at all convinced the West is going down.

Working for yourself online

The next level of location-independent income is working for yourself and earning money online from a specific country.

You cannot get fired and you are your own boss, so this is definitely a step in the right direction.

However, because your income is still tied to a specific country (probably even a Western one), a lot of things can (and probably will) go wrong when something happens to that country (not if, when).

Self employed with location independent income

If we move further up the ladder, we come to the absolute minimum requirement for moving out of your Western country:

Be self-employed and have location independent income from multiple, different, ideally non-Western countries.

This means that you are your own boss and your income does not depend on any one nation.

Instead, it comes from several countries, of which there are a few unaffiliated non-Western nations, so even if the West collapses, your prosperity does not take a big hit.

Self employed with multiple sources of non-Western location independent income

The next step on the ladder is being self-employed with multiple different sources of location independent income, all of which from outside the West.

If you’re at this level, you are absolutely good to go, and you are almost guaranteed to do well wherever you move to (provided the level of your income has hit the required threshold, which we’ll discuss later on).

Multiple sources of passive income

You can take it one step further and achieve the highest level of financial independence: Attain multiple sources of passive income, all of which are globally based. 

This is the nec plus ultra, and something every man or woman who wants to escape the West should strive for.

Examples of location independent income

Getting started with attaining a location independent income is rather straightforward: You build an online business, or other source of income.

It doesn’t need to be an actual company.

This could be virtually anything, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Here are several examples:

  • Coaching

    Teaching individuals or small groups about how to improve, such as how to get leaner or how to make more money

  • Consulting

    Applying your expertise in an area (like marketing, sales or productivity) to help companies

  • Teaching

    Similar to coaching, but you’ll follow more of a step-by-step process designed to introduce new information, like mathematics or specific languages

  • Streaming on Twitch

    You record what you are doing in real-time, and have others watch you. This usually involves videogames, but other options are available

  • YouTube

    This can be about anything, and I mean that almost literally. You can make a video about you sitting on the toilet while eating a pizza and people will watch it

  • A blog

    Writing about a specific topic geared towards a specific target audience. There are many ways to monetize a blog, but unfortunately written online content is dying, and video is the future

  • A vlog

    A video blog, which has a lot more potential to make money

  • Affiliate marketing

    You promote the products and services of other people/companies and get paid a commission for every lead you send their way. You can combine affiliate marketing with a lot of the other options in this list

  • E-commerce

    An online store, where you can sell basically anything. Very easy to do nowadays through platforms like Shopify

  • Any sort of monetized website

    Any kind of website can make money through affiliate marketing, advertisements, and so on

  • Instagram

    Get a lot of followers, and the money will flow in through sponsorship, affiliate marketing, and so on

  • Day trading

    You can buy and sell cryptocurrency, stocks, forex and other financial instruments and aim to make a profit from it

  • Selling courses

    This is very profitable, provided you market it correctly. You can make a course about just about anything, and the profit margins are massive

  • Selling ebooks

    One of my favorite ways, anyone can write a book and self-publish it on platforms like Amazon and Kobo

  • Selling any kind of product

    You can make your own e-commerce store, or just go on eBay or Amazon, buy stuff cheaply, and sell it for more

  • Website design

    You need to be rather creative and knowledgeable about this, but website design is heavily sought after and you can make a lot of money

  • Translation services

    If you speak a few languages, being a freelance translator is probably the easiest way to get started with a location independent income via websites such as Upwork and Fiverr

  • Graphic design

    This is similar to website design in that you definitely need to be creative. If you are a talented artist, you can certainly make a lot of money

  • Voice-overs

    If you have a pleasant voice, you can be a freelance voice-over artist. People will pay you to say certain things, which they’ll then put on a video

  • Creating an app

    Software engineers and computer programmers of all kinds can earn a lot of money wherever they want

  • Copy writing

    If you can write rather well, you can find companies that will pay you to do so. Bonus points if you can write crisp, clear and persuasive content

And the list goes on and on and on.

You can do a thousand things to earn money online, so just pick something that you are good at, would enjoy doing for a living, and can pay your bills.

Everything about the Western Collapse And How to Save Yourself

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