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What causes the collapse of the West? Part 2

The collapse of the West is inevitable. All empires fall, it is but time and method that differ.

How it will collapse is a matter of debate, and I’ve discussed several options in this article here.

Why the Western world will collapse is something we can discuss with much more clarity, because the signs are already there.

I’ve done plenty of research, and I can point to 5 prominent causes:

  • An untenable economic welfare system based on debt

  • Political polarization and civil unrest

  • Mass immigration of barbarism

  • The death of civil liberties

  • The emasculation of society

In the previous article, I’ve discussed the first two reasons, and today we’ll take a look at the final three.

Mass immigration of barbarism

For decades now, (overwhelmingly Islamic) terrorist attacks have been part and parcel of life in Europe (and to a lesser degree in Canada and the US), and every once in a while societies get rocked by a stabbing, shooting, bombing, or beheading.

Politicians express their regret and vow to never let this happen again, but once the initial public outrage dies off, nothing happens, and the same pattern occurs again and again.

I might offend some people in the following part, so if you have a thin skin, I suggest you move on or grow up.

This is the main premise, which I wholeheartedly challenge you to disprove:

The mass immigration of mostly unemployable young men from vastly different and culturally incompatible (often Islamic) countries has been a complete and total disaster.

It brings about a myriad of issues.

One might say that West been importing part of its own demise, and one might not be too far off the mark.

Before we go on, let me make it perfectly clear that I have nothing at all against people moving to another country to be a productive member of said country.

This is the kind of diversity that makes life interesting.

Hell, the whole premise of this site is to encourage people to move to another country!

But not to be a leech and a drain on that society, which is what is happening in the vast majority of cases in Western nations.

And sure, a good argument could be made for taking in and helping actual asylum seekers (for example escaped ISIS sex-slaves).

That’s the humanitarian and humane thing to do – although this immediately raises the question of why exactly it is the responsibility of the West to take in these people (and add to their already over-burdened social welfare systems), and not of richer, closer-by nations with a similar culture, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar … but I’ll leave this moral conundrum up to you.

But do most refugees fall into this category? Overwhelmingly not.

Overwhelmingly not, they’re mostly young men who come here not to escape a crisis (although those are certainly present), but who are “economic refugees”, people who just want a part of the Western pie.

Let’s look at some numbers first.

Over the last decade alone, this is the amount of immigrants which entered (legally or otherwise) the following Western nations:

These numbers are larger than the total population of smaller European countries.

In Europe, the unemployment rate of these young immigrant men is often very high, almost always in the double digit numbers.

And this is not even surprising.

How can you be employed if you have no marketable skills, do not speak the language, and, most importantly, have a clear incentive to not work?

“Refugees” are almost always beneficiaries of government benefits.

Public housing, a generous allowance, freedom to import the rest of their family.

What’s not to like?

You, as a tax-paying citizen of a Western nation, have to pick up the bill, in more ways than one.

Slowly but surely Western culture is being destroyed by large amounts of people from other cultures who often adamantly refuse to blend in.

In many countries in Europe there are enclaves where even the police do not dare to go anymore.

Completely off-limits, no-go zones, filled with dangerous criminals, a breeding-ground for terrorists.

Are those people native to the country they are living in?

Almost overwhelmingly not, in almost every single case these are Muslim enclaves.

In the United States and Canada, this isn’t such a large problem.

There are plenty of refugees and immigrants from, say, South-America and Asia, and they of course often bring problems with them (as do natives, and immigrants from elsewhere), but nowhere near on such a vast and incontrovertible scale as is happening with Islam in Europe.

Think about the following rhetorical questions, which are based on real events, real traumas and injuries people had to go through because of the import of barbarism:

Or how about the pedophile child groomers and rapists that operated in Rotherham, England, for many years?

Unimpeded, even though the police were aware of what was going on, yet were too afraid to be labeled “racist” to intervene?

Sure, I’m cherry-picking a few (out of many thousands of) incidents which occurred on European soil in recent history, all perpetuated by Islamic migrants.

And yes, the majority of Muslims abhors such actions and would never commit such acts.

Yet they believe in the same doctrine these criminals do, and by bringing this culture onto European soil, they are indirectly responsible.

No, scratch that.

The ones responsible for the mass immigration of barbarism onto European soil are the European citizens themselves, by voting for incompetent and weak politicians for years on end, afraid to speak their minds so they won’t be labeled an “ist” or a “phobe”.

The cat’s out of the bag.

Barbarians were at the gates, and instead of being repelled, they were welcomed in, given a home and funding, even while pillaging the village and ravaging the citizens.

And the West is now enjoying the sour fruits of this near-boundless generosity, by slowly losing its culture, safety and well-being.

The death civil liberties

Civil liberties are, according to the Cambridge English Dictionary:

“The right of people to basic freedoms and to live without the government becoming involved in private matters”

In other words: guarantees and freedoms that governments shouldn’t breach, which are usually defined in constitutions such as the Bill of Rights in the US.

They include things like freedom of press, freedom of assembly, the right to privacy, right to life, the right to defend oneself, the right to equal treatment under the law, and of course freedom of speech.

In short, I would say it comes down to having personal freedom and not having the government meddle in what you can do.

In the West, you do not have much personal freedom anymore (you never actually had it, because governments are always antithetical to freedom, but there were less restrictions in the past).

You might feel like you do, because you’ve been living under this yoke for your entire life, but as I discuss in other articles, by moving abroad your personal freedom will increase tremendously.

For now, let’s focus on freedom of speech, the bedrock of Western civilization.

A core value, a proud achievement, something we could rightfully boast about.

During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union went up against each other in many arenas. The arms race, in space, global influence, and so on.

But the US had something the SU did not have (and still mostly does not have): the theoretical freedom to say what you want.

In the US you could freely insult the president and not expect to get dragged behind a shed and shot in the head.

Likewise in Europe and Canada, where a person’s right to express himself or herself is sacred and clearly emphasized in most constitutions.

In theory, journalists can write and publish what they want, private persons can speak their mind, and all of this is of paramount importance for a working democracy.

Have you felt like you could say anything you wanted lately?

Do you think you can still publicly express yourself and the way you truly feel if your ideas don’t align with how the masses dictate you should feel and think?

If so, you haven’t been paying attention to the way the Western world has evolved, or you’ve simply conformed to the currently “acceptable” opinions.

For example, a couple of decades ago it would be unthinkable to go to jail for something you said to a stranger, let alone for something you merely thought about.

Now, thought-crimes apparently exist, and people can and do go to jail for something they said, be it in earnest or as a joke.

Freedom of speech is an illusion in the current Western world.

Hate people with a different skin color and like to express your thoughts about this online?

You’re a piece of shit in my opinion, but freedom of speech means you have the RIGHT to be a piece of shit.

Nobody should ever have to go to jail for what they say or think, regardless of who takes offense to it – a principle the constitution of many Western countries is based upon.

That, however, is not the case anymore.

Again the United States leads the charge in this deplorable descent into censorship, with their “political correctness”.

This expresses itself in many ways.

There are certain words which are banned from “civilized discourse”, such as nigger, cunt, or any other silly derogatory term a supposedly free people deems inappropriate – depending on who actually utters the word, of course.

Instead, they get covered with euphemisms, as if saying “the N-word” changes anything about the meaning and connotation of the word “nigger”, (C-word for cunt, R-word for retard, and so forth).

On public television, these and many other things are “bleeped out”.

This is censorship and it is divisive and harmful to a free society.

Make no mistake, every single Western nation is guilty of this.

Freedom of speech is nothing but a lofty ideal, praised in theory but abhorred and banned in practice.

And then we come to the latest atrocity in this area: cancel culture.

People are not only getting vilified and publicly shamed for something they said, wrote, or implied (sometimes even decades ago in a private setting), but are often forced to resign or publicly grovel for it.

Who’s to blame for this? Again, you and I are the culprits. Well, perhaps not we personally, but the public in general, both for this ridiculous behavior and for the tendency to vote for politicians who support such behavior.

Freedom of speech must be absolute. You have to be able to say, write or think whatever you want, even if it offends other people, even if it is stupid, racist, homophobic, whatever, it does not matter.

If you aren’t free to say whatever you want, without the fear of getting censored, fired or “cancelled”, you do not have freedom of speech.

And this is now the case in every single Western nation.

At least the Russians and Chinese are open about their censorship.

Now, I have to make it clear that in many other countries I would advocate moving to, you have even less freedom of speech – about certain things.

For example, in Thailand you cannot publicly defame their king. But do you care that you cannot talk shit about the Thai king? Why would you?

However, my point is not so much that this is better in other regions, but more that in the West, freedom of speech and other civil liberties were a core value and used to be part of the bedrock of our civilization (this is not the case in other countries), and their crumbling is a sure sign of the impending collapse.

The emasculation of society

For quite a few decades now, a deviously concealed foe has been plaguing the Western world: the decline of masculinity and subsequent “quality” of men.

Ever since the 80’s-90’s, modern society has been eroding, corrupting and weakening men, turning them into a pathetic and severely diminished version of their ancestors.

It is an insidious threat; a silent killer that will inevitably lead to the destruction of society as we know it.

Make no mistake, a country without masculine men is a country doomed for extinction.

And the problem is, most people aren’t even cognizant of how destructive this really is.

Compared to the other factors we’ve talked about in these articles, the emasculation of society isn’t seen as a big threat by the majority of the population – in fact, if they’re even aware of it at all, it’s usually applauded.

However, I would say that almost all factors which are leading to the collapse of the West are in some way or form connected to, or even caused by, the decline and vilification of masculinity.

To end this article, I’ll thus put forward another highly inflammatory topic, certain to alienate and infuriate a large portion of “modern audiences”. Here goes:

A successful society is built mainly by the efforts of strong, masculine men, and if those become rare, extinct or just plainly not wanted anymore, that society is doomed.

This irrefutable fact hasn’t been very popular lately, and there’s even an active, yet mostly covert and hushed campaign going on against masculinity.

Examples would be things like

  • “Rebooting” formerly male-led movie franchises with an all-female cast (leading to box-office flops)
  • Over-the-top-girl-power everywhere in modern entertainment (while simultaneously denigrating, and coming at the expense of, men)
  • Forcing men to apologize for doing and liking masculine things (such as trying to seduce women without fear of being reported for harassment
  • Joking in private about “inappropriate” matters)
  • Tearing down statues of once-great men (because they were a product of their time and, for example, had slaves)
  • Claiming that it’s okay for a man to be a fat, out of shape slob (instead of realizing their masculine physical potential)

Basically, Western society is by and large demonizing being a manly man, using terms like “toxic masculinity”, “mansplaining”, and “the patriarchy” and getting close to stating that everything masculine is evil, while conveniently leaving out the fact that masculine men were the ones who built this society and the comfort and freedom it currently provides.

Ironically, the freedom to be anti-masculine men was provided by masculine men.

Where once contemplative thought, fearless integrity and unbound masculinity were valued above all, we now have a culture of instant gratification, incessant hollow outrages, micro-aggressions and a rapidly feminizing male population (seen, for example, in the decline in testosterone levels). A

nd the worst part? It is completely our fault.

Only men are to blame for the sad state of Western society and the people in it.

Now, you might think that our society has evolved so far beyond the biological need for male strength, and that we don’t actually need manly men anymore, that it’s okay to have a male population which is overwhelmingly weak, physically and/or mentally.

However, there are several ways the result of this train of thought is dangerous, extremely detrimental and definitely responsible in large part for the collapse of Western society.

If a society constantly tells young boys that it’s okay to be feminine, and wrong to be masculine (both directly and indirectly, for example through advertisements such as the 2019 Gillette commercial which framed masculinity as a problem), you will get more feminine men, with lower testosterone.

This causes first of all a plethora of issues in their own life, such as a lower drive to excel and succeed, less motivation to actually do something with their life, erectile dysfunction, problems attracting women, lower self-esteem, less muscle mass, a lower sex-drive, much lower happiness, and so on.

Generally speaking, this leads to unfulfilled lives, both professionally and personally.

Feminine men are, by and large, unattractive to women (unless they’re rich), which causes rejection, frustration and resentment with the still-horny men.

They start to feel disillusioned with life and society in general.

Men who constantly have to tiptoe around sensitive subjects and watch what they say, out of fear of offending someone and becoming publicly ostracized, demonized or even penalized, become mentally weak, cowardly and less resilient.

If they are unlikely and afraid to speak up for what they actually believe in, and they let themselves be pushed around, they’re very likely to vote for “safe” and “accepted” politicians and policies.

These bring about the deterioration of civil liberties, such as less freedom of speech, more welfare for all, and the importation of barbarism, because men are afraid to speak up against it, afraid to be called an “ist” or a “phone”.

Men from a stronger, more masculine culture find it very easy to take over a society where most of the males are weak, and this is exactly what is happening in many parts of Europe.

All of this leads to the fact that there’s a steadily growing group of disenfranchised men who are giving up on a society which deems them unwanted, either retreating into their solitary comfort zone and finding solace in videogames, porn, and arguing with strangers on the internet, joining spiteful and often violently misogynistic subcultures, turning to unsavory outlets to vent their frustration and anger, or, in the best case scenario, moving to places where they are accepted for who they are, leaving the West and its emasculating culture far behind.

And of course, that leaves Western society in the hands of effeminate, weak men, a sure sign of an impending collapse.

I’ll end this part with a quote from G. Michael Hopf which pithily encapsulates the point I’ve been trying to make:

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” And rest assured that hard times are coming.

What can you do about this?

You can do nothing about the aforementioned reasons why the Western world is collapsing.

That ship has sailed.

Perhaps it would have been possible to stop the collapse about 30 years ago by voting for more competent politicians, but as it stands right now, nothing can be done about it.

No matter how much you love your Western country, realize that it is going down the drain and will continue to do so until it reaches a breaking point, after which one or several scenarios can occur.

However, just because you cannot stop the West from going down, you most certainly can evade going down with it.

Set up a location-independent income, and move to another nation such as Paraguay, Dubai, the Philippines or Thailand.

None of these are perfect, as you can tell from looking at my reviews of them, but they are a hell of a lot better in most regards than Western nations at this point.

It’s up to you now.

You might agree or disagree with many of the facts (blended with personal opinion, sure) I’ve mentioned in these two articles about why the West is collapsing, but if you value your long-term happiness and freedom at all, this matter at least deserves closer examination.

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