The United States in comparison

The United States in comparison

The whole point of this site is helping people escape the West, by showing them why the Western world is collapsing, how this collapse manifests itself, and more specifically: what to do about it, and where they can go.

I’ve currently researched 45 countries on this site, and given them a score based on 7 factors:

  1. Climate
  2. English proficiency
  3. Cost of living
  4. Taxes on international income
  5. Economic growth
  6. Safety
  7. Visa

Some countries have done really well based on those factors, and others not so much.

While I acknowledge the multiple flaws in basing how a country fares just on those factors, it nonetheless seems to do the job of bringing forth several great options:

Plenty of great countries, with scores of around 7.5/10 and up.

Anyway, the above merely serves as an introduction and to give you a baseline to judge the rest of this article on.

Today we’ll look at the quintessential Western nation: the United States of America.

When this one goes down (not “if”, it’s “when”), it’ll have a massive impact on the world.

The US is first in so many ridiculous aspects (prison population, defense budget, fat people, religious nuts, hypocrisy, …), but how does it fare when we look at the aforementioned 7 factors?

Honestly, a factor like English proficiency should not be applicable, because it would be like rating France on the ability to get by in French … obviously that’s going to be high.

However, let’s include it so we can get a full comparison, and not one skewed by omission.

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The US by the numbers

Climate: 7.5/10

Hours of sunshine (8/10) Temperature (4/10) Rainy days (9/10) Humidity (9/10)
10 C – 50 F

Level of English: 10/10

Very High Proficiency

Well, this is actually debatable, because the average English proficiency of an American – based on the actual, grammatically correct version of the language – isn’t a 10/10 whatsoever in this country, but in general, if you speak English, you can get by.

Cost of Living: 3/10

Minimum Annual Wage Average monthly cost single person

Taxes on international income: 0/10


The US is one of the few countries in the world where taxes are based on citizenship, not residency.

That means that not only do you have to pay taxes on your foreign based income upon residing there, you also have to pay taxes even if you do not live in the US anymore.

(There is an option to exclude your income from taxes, as long as it doesn’t exceed around $112,000 in 2022.)

Crazy, right? A well-deserved 0/10, fuck this greedy country.

Economic growth: 3/10

Average GDP growth over the last 10 years: 2%

Safety: 5/10

Global Terrorism Index (5/10) Intentional homicide rate (6/10) Rape rate (3/10)

Keep in mind that these numbers are in general – there are a lot of cities in the US where the safety is MUCH worse, and crime rates are higher than in most African countries.

Visa: 7/10

  • Visa (8/10)

    The US boasts an impressive 185 types of visas (you always have to apply for them), divided into Non-immigrant (temporary, for tourism, business, employment …) and Immigrant (a permanent move). A Visitor Visa for up to 6 months is possible, or some sort of Investor Visa, of which some are valid up to 3 years. Renewable in many cases

  • Permanent Residence (5/10)

    This is colloquially referred to as a Green Card. There are several niche options to get this, the most common are as an Immigrant Investor (you have to invest at least $1 million into a new company which will create full-time positions for at least 10 employees … fuck that!), or as an Immigrant Worker. There are others which most likely do not apply to you

  • Citizenship (8/10)

    You need to have an Immigrant Visa first, keep it for 5 years, and then you can apply for citizenship. Dual nationality is allowed ... for now

United States Score
Shithole Paradise

All of these factors together come down to a score of 5.2/10.

As you can see from looking at the top countries, this is very low, and even second or third world countries like Indonesia, Brazil, Myanmar and India score higher – often much higher.

In fact, the US currently scores the absolute lowest of all 45 countries I’ve investigated.

And this is even including a very dubious and debatable 10/10 English proficiency, which isn’t really fair.

Without that factor, it would drop to a 4.3/10 … a significantly failing grade.

If you were still under any sort of illusion that the West was fine, let these numbers set you straight.

Everything about the Western Collapse And How to Save Yourself

Check out my new book, available on Amazon!

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