when will the west collapse

When will the West collapse?

The Western world has been in a steady state of collapse for many decades now.

Why it is collapsing, and how this collapse/decline will play out, are aspects of this topic I’ve talked about in great detail in separate articles, and today I’ll tackle when the West will collapse.

When has the decline started?

To start off, I must make it clear that almost everything in this article is speculation.

I cannot accurately predict when the West will go down, and neither can anyone else.

On the one hand there are way too many factors that play a part in the situation, and on the other hand … what is a collapse exactly?

The term “collapse” implies a very sudden event, like a meteor strike causing the “collapse” of the dinosaurs.

This almost certainly doesn’t apply to our situation, so a better term would probably be “decline”.

You could, and I do, make the case that the decline of Western civilization has been going on for several decades now.

After World War 2, the US became the dominant world power, and over the following decades it grew its power, wealth and influence quite tremendously … until it peaked.

It borrowed too much money, got into too much debt and into too many wars, and since Nixon broke the dollar-to-gold-convertibility (the “Nixon Shock”), its currency has lost a great amount of its purchasing power.

However, I would say the decline only really started around the 1990’s, with the reign of Bill Clinton and the rise of minority politics and a strong push to the political “progressive” left, adding cultural collapse to the already impending economic collapse.

Insult to injury, so to speak.

Other events which precipitated the Western collapse/decline are crises, such as the Dotcom-bubble burst, the 2008 debt crisis, and most recently the COVID-19-debacle.

To get out of each of these crises, a lot of money needed to be “made”, and currencies like the dollar and the euro lost plenty of their power, putting their respective nations more and more in debt and in trouble.

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When will we notice the collapse?

In many ways, you can already notice the collapse/decline in Western civilization.

I’ve broached this subject before in the greatest problems Western civilization has to deal with, so I’ll only briefly list them here:

  1. An untenable economic welfare system based on debt
  2. Political polarization and civil unrest
  3. Mass immigration of barbarism
  4. The death of civil liberties
  5. Increased surveillance
  6. Warmongering
  7. A dysfunctional prison system
  8. A misanthropic legal system
  9. Impending theocracies
  10. Heavy taxes
  11. Increasing cost of living

Every single one of these factors is already very much present in our lives – well, not in mine, because I already got out of the West many years ago – and are causing issues for millions upon millions of people.

And … do you think these things will improve as time goes by?

  • Do you think governments will relax their surveillance and warmongering?
  • Will the massive influx of foreign cultures suddenly seize?
  • Will the trillions upon trillions of debt Western nations have amassed decrease?
  • Will you pay more or less taxes next year?
  • Will your cost of living go up or down?

Anyone who’s been following the news for the last few decades and who’s been living in the West and noticed these things first hand can tell you the answer to these questions – and it isn’t very encouraging.

Now, you can always say I’m just a negative person and I’m nit-picking and ignoring the positive trends in Western civilization.

Sure, there are many, like a relaxation of the ridiculous and destructive “War on Drugs” and equality for all, but … can you name 11 things which will have an equally positive (and potentially balancing) influence on Western civilization as the impact the aforementioned 11 negative factors will have?

Apart from technological advancement, I seriously doubt it.

I’m a positive guy by nature and I try to approach everything with a reverse-paranoid attitude, but there’s a line between being positive and naïve/obtuse I’d have to cross to change my view of the impending collapse.

When will the West actually collapse?

I hope that by now we can all agree that the West certainly has been in a steady decline for many decades, based on the factors I’ve already pointed out.

Yes, there have been advancements in important areas as well (most noticeably technology), but these will barely slow down the collapse, let alone stop it – and in most cases they might even expedite it.

For example, “social” advancements such as the greatly exaggerated, unreasonable and frankly ridiculous cultural debate about “trans rights” are a clear sign of a civilization’s decadence and its decline.

Not every part of the West is likely to collapse at the same time. There are a lot of countries, and while all of them are linked in various ways, some are much further in their state of decline than others.

The US

John Glubb, in his Rise and Fall of Empires, and Ray Dalio in his Changing World Order, put the average length of an empire at around 10 generation, or 250 years.

We can say that the US is the leading Western power.

Most Western countries are heavily reliant on it, and when the US goes down, the rest of the Western world will certainly feel it.

The US has existed since 1776, when it declared its Independence.

If you add 250 years, you come up with 2026.

This is eerily close, and with the upcoming Presidential elections in 2024 almost certainly ending with a victory for Donald Trump OR a quasi-civil war when the election gets “stolen” again, the next few years will probably usher in a new phase in the decline.

Will 2024-2026 be the tipping point from decline into outright collapse?

I am hesitant to rule it out.


War in Europe has already erupted, with Russia invading the Ukraine and several previously neutral countries such as Sweden entering NATO.

Preparations for World War 3 are well under way, and while I doubt this will really kick off into serious gear, the possibility for escalation which leads to the collapse of several countries is possible.

When the US enters this conflict for real, it’s going to be interesting what China will do.

Will it remain neutral in that conflict, or take sides?

Will it take advantage of the world’s preoccupation and finally invade Taiwan?

How will the US react to such an attack?

Apart from the overt effects of wars, Europe has also been taking in millions upon millions of refugees from all over the world (mostly from vastly incompatible cultures), feeding them with money it doesn’t have – by borrowing ever more funds and taxing its citizens.

The situation in Europe will probably get a lot worse in the next few years and 2026 seems a reasonable time frame for this estimation.

Inflation is already in the double digits in several nations, and it’s going to get only worse, due to higher fuel prices, more refugees, higher cost of living, and so on.


Canada will probably last longer than Europe and the US, but because it is so economically reliant on the US, it is likely to go under not too long after.

Its citizens will be subjected to ever more ridiculous restrictions on their freedom, in addition to more taxes, more debt and a higher cost of living.


The West has been in a steady state of decline, I hope we can all agree on that.

And if not, feel free to argue why it isn’t.

The only question that remains is when this decline is going to kick into higher gear and turn into outright collapse, causing massive changes in the global political and economic landscape.

Nobody can accurately predict this, but I would say with some confidence that by 2050, a few decades from now, the Western world as we know it now will be no more.

In addition, the next few years might very well be a turning point.

Either the West recovers from situations like another Trump presidency and a war in Europe, and it limps on for another few decades, slowly bleeding to death … or it goes into a rapid collapse, with destructive event after destructive event occurring, like falling dominoes, and causing irreparable change to the world.

It could go both ways, but honestly, the truth is …

You shouldn’t care.

If you believe even half of the things I’ve so incoherently pointed out here, why the fuck would you remain in a Western nation?

Get one or multiple sources of self-employed, location independent income, choose one of the many great and rising countries in the world, and escape the West.

Sure, your country might limp on for another few decades, but that doesn’t change the fact that every single one of the 11 problems I’ve listed will get worse and worse as the years go by.

Leave as soon as possible. Do it now, before it’s too late.

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