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Best countries to invest in real estate

Getting assets abroad is a crucial part of spreading your “flags” across the world.

If you have all your assets in the same country where you live, you are very vulnerable because you are dependent on the good-will of one government.

If something were to happen to, say, your business in that country, or your personal affairs (like a divorce), your assets can and will be seized if your shitty government wants to.

Putting your assets in countries where you are not currently living, have a business, or have other flags, is a great idea.

Usually, if you do it right, they are then protected from whatever legal action might happen in other countries.

It can be as simple as having a bank account in a different country – which I can 100% recommend, I’ve got them in 3 countries and want to expand to at least 2 more.

You could also have stateless assets such as physical gold stored somewhere.

This is generally a great option, provided you find a reliable, reputable and, most importantly, discreet company to store it with.

If you’ve got a passport in France, say, or a residency card in Panama, and circumstances lead to one of those governments wanting to take your money, how would they be able to do this if the bulk of your capital is in the form of gold coins in a safe somewhere in Singapore?

Another possibility is cryptocurrency, which I’ll talk about more in a future article.

But the best option, in my opinion, and the topic of today’s article, is real estate abroad.

I’ve already talked about buying property abroad, and how I’ve done this in the Philippines (and how I can help you do the same), and now I want to take a deeper look into the best countries to invest in real estate.

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The best countries to invest in real estate

For another blog of mine, I’ve been doing research into this topic for years now, and I’ve examined over a hundred countries so far.

The main factors I’ve taken into account here are rental yield, the visa situation, what you can actually own as a foreigner, and other important factors such as the price, the economy, crime rates etc.

Now, as you can imagine, being a good country to invest in real estate does not mean it’s a good country for other flags, such as residence, banking or even living in.

Keep that in mind, the countries we’re about to discuss are on this list solely for their real estate possibilities.

Here’s the top 10 based on their potential for profit, with their average potential rental yields between brackets:

  1. Georgia (15%)
  2. Tanzania (12%)
  3. Ghana (11%)
  4. Egypt (9.4%)
  5. South Africa (9.3%)
  6. Romania (9%)
  7. Poland (8%)
  8. Mongolia (8%)
  9. Indonesia (7.7%)
  10. Vietnam (7.5%)

All of those have a real estate yield of over 7.5%, but vary wildly regarding their can-foreigners-own-land policies, safety, growth potential, cost of the real estate, and whether they are pro land lord or pro tenant.

These are the ones where you can actually own land:

  • Georgia
  • Ghana
  • Egypt (with provisions)
  • South Africa
  • Romania
  • Poland

Safety wise, only Egypt and South Africa can be considered dangerous, Tanzania, Ghana and Romania are at a moderate level.

If we look at their economic growth potential, all of them are high, except Egypt and South Africa, which are low, and Ghana and Vietnam which are very high.

South Africa is the only country where real estate is relatively expensive, the rest goes from average to very cheap.

Feel free to use these factors to filter through the list, depending on what you are after.

For me, I would say that only these are interesting:

  • Vietnam
  • Tanzania
  • Indonesia
  • Ghana
  • Mongolia

Georgia is at risk of getting invaded by Russia, Egypt and South Africa are pretty dangerous and corrupt, and Poland and Romania are in collapsing Europe.

So … fuck them.

Other options

Now, if we look at countries with lower rental yields (but still great), there are 4 more great options based on the other factors:

In all of those except the Philippines can you own land (in PH you can own condos, as I’ve talked about before), they’re all cheap as fuck, they have a booming economy and they are pretty damn safe (Colombia’s on the fence, but should be okay if you don’t do silly shit).

Honorable mentions go to:

  • Thailand (5%)
  • Malaysia (4.8%)
  • Peru (4.8%)


So, if we put all of these factors together, here are some of the best countries to invest in real estate, based on their real estate options, and sorted by their yield:

  1. Tanzania (12%)
  2. Ghana (11%)
  3. Mongolia (8%)
  4. Indonesia (7.7%)
  5. Vietnam (7.5%)
  6. Paraguay (6.9%)
  7. Uruguay (6.5%)
  8. Colombia (6.3%)
  9. Philippines (6%)
  10. Thailand (5%)
  11. Malaysia (4.8%)
  12. Peru (4.8%)

Now, as I’ve already analyzed all of these countries, we can actually take this list and rearrange it based on their score from the analysis:

  1. Paraguay (8.4/10, 6.9%)
  2. Uruguay (7.6/10, 6.5%)
  3. Ghana (7.4/10, 11%)
  4. Philippines (7.4/10, 6%)
  5. Malaysia (7.4/10, 4.8%)
  6. Mongolia (7.2/10, 8%)
  7. Indonesia (7.2/10, 7.7%)
  8. Vietnam (7.2/10, 7.5%)
  9. Peru (7.2/10, 4.8%)
  10. Tanzania (6.8/10, 12%)
  11. Thailand (6.8/10, 5%)
  12. Colombia (6.6/10, 6.3%)

There we go!

This list gives you the 12 best countries overall with also great potential to invest in real estate.

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