getting laid abroad

Getting laid abroad

Today I want to tackle the topic of getting laid abroad – a bit of a departure of the usual array of Western-collapse related shenanigans, but something I feel is important nonetheless.

Especially as a man, it’s of paramount importance you have a reliable and frequent source of sex – it benefits your testosterone, self-esteem, happiness, focus, longevity, physical health and so on.

Moving to another country comes with a lot of advantages, but often also disadvantages, such as a language barrier, maybe culture shock, and a disturbance in your previously rigid routines.

Perhaps you were used to banging girls from your country, but are a bit wary of how your skills will translate into wherever you’re going?

You being a stranger in a strange land could certainly hinder you chances of getting laid (especially if you don’t speak the local language), but in most cases it will greatly increase them, because you are seen as a higher status man, such as in low-income nations like Vietnam, Colombia and the Philippines.

This article is aimed primarily at men, because, let’s face it, a woman will never have issues getting laid.

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Getting laid abroad

Getting laid abroad (and being happy about it) comes down to two things: how attracted you are to the locals, and how attracted they are to you.

If both of these factors are “very attracted”, then you usually shouldn’t have an issue.

Now, where can you find attractive locals? This depends nearly completely on you, and I’ve already covered where you can find some of the most beautiful women in the world:

Of course, I’m biased about this, but you’d have to look far and wide to find a man who isn’t attracted to any of these nationalities.

So if you want to move somewhere with hot women, any of these countries would do – depending on your tastes.

That being said, not all of these countries are recommended to move to, based on objective facts such as economic growth, cost of living, safety, and so forth.

It’s a bit of a trade-off really, and like I said in Your parameters for moving abroad, you’ll have to decide for yourself how important having attractive women (and the ability to sleep with them) in your country of destination is.

To me, it was pretty important, so I included it as a primary parameter.

Once you’ve decided on a country where the women are hot to you, and where you are pretty sure you can get laid, which options are there?

Options for sex abroad

There are, broadly speaking, two options to get laid abroad:

  1. “Natural” sex, which basically means relatively free hook-ups, such as a one-night-stand, or a girlfriend, and everything in between
  2. Paid sex, also known as prostitution

Of course, the lines between these options can blur, and will probably increasingly do so as the years go by, with things like sugar dating, tuition girls, or just providing for your girlfriend(s).

This grey area isn’t usually considered “real” prostitution, but if you were to suddenly stop providing the girl(s) in these scenarios with money and/or support, the sex would stop … so frankly I don’t see a difference.

Getting laid abroad through prostitution is relatively simple: you find a suitable woman, hash out the details, fuck her, pay her, and move on with your day.

Convenient, often surprisingly cheap in Latin American and Asian countries, but it does come with downsides.

I won’t be going into more details on this here, we’ll focus on the “natural” ways to get laid abroad.

I’ve already written a whole article about the various forms of Sex tourism in Asia, so check that out if that’s your thing.

How can you get laid abroad without paying for it?

Once again, there are roughly two major categories of how you can get laid abroad, dealing with the way of meeting girls:


Meeting girls offline is the traditional way, and there are basically no limits here.

You can meet girls everywhere, in malls, coffee shops, the gym, and so on.

You strike up a conversation, see if you hit it off and if she’s into you, set up an actual date, get her contact information, and you move on with your day.

There are several advantages here:

  • You build up more initial trust, because they see you and know you are real
  • You can have your first date right then and there, no messing around with picking a time and place, and thus no flaking
  • This means it’s usually also easier to convert to lays and subsequent dates straight at your place (for sex), because she feels like she already knows you
  • You see the girls and know they’re hot, which means you can avoid the dreaded SIFs – we’ve all been there
  • It makes her feel special, which means she’ll be more attracted to you – this is especially noticeable in comparison to online dating, where you have to try really hard to stand out from the crowd

However, it does require confidence and game. If you’re an attractive, easy-going guy who knows what he’s doing, offline dating can work wonders.

If not … you can always go online.


This basically comes down to setting up a profile on dating sites and apps, and/or social media, and looking for attractive girls that way.

You send them a DM, chat to them for a while, and then set up a date, where you’ll proceed to woo her and convince her to fuck you.

The advantages are pretty significant:

  • It’s by far the easiest way, because you can do it wherever and whenever
  • It requires less confidence than offline dating, you’ve got several screens between you as walls
  • You can find girls you’d never meet in real life, because they might live a bit farther way, are not outgoing, or just never run into you
  • This is an always ongoing option, you can literally do online dating 24/7
  • There are a lot more options here, because there are thousands upon thousands of suitable women to be found online in your vicinity – provided you live in a decent sized city
  • Online you can find more girls who are just looking for sex, and aren’t coy about stating it. This means you can get laid very easily and rapidly
  • It’s a very popular option, and more and more women are engaging in it

Now, there are several disadvantages as well.

Number one is that girls are inundated with messages online from hordes of thirsty men wanting to get into their pants.

It’s much harder to stand out, especially compared to offline dating.

Having a good profile and decent pictures (and being attractive to the women you want) is very important.

Besides that, you’ll also have to deal with a lot of time-wasting, gold-diggers, and girls who will never fuck you or meet up with you, but who keep leading you on.

With time and experience you can reduce this significantly, but still.

The actual date

Once you’ve convinced a girl to go out with you (by meeting her online or offline), you’re one step closer to sex.

For the actual date, I suggest never going for things like dinner or seeing a movie.

It’s not that these things don’t work, because they do, but they are time-consuming, cost money, and put you more into the “potential boyfriend” category.

If that’s what you are after, go for it, but if you just want sex, a short (1 hour max) date in a coffee shop or bar is much better.

Talk to the girl, build up the sexual tension, and then either escalate to sex right away (by going to your condo), or schedule another date at your place, where you’ll have sex.

This approach is what I’ve used to pretty great success, but honestly it’s a bit boring and frankly, not even necessary.

My current method is just talking to girls online through various apps and sites, chatting for a few days, and then inviting them over to my condo, where sex usually occurs.

This is very convenient for me, and it’s great for the girls too, because they get to spend some time in a nice condo and have some fun without anyone knowing.

Is getting laid abroad easy?

It depends who you are, where you go to, and how you look, but if you’re a white man moving to Latin America or Asia, chances are getting laid abroad is pretty damn easy – especially compared to your home country.

Whether you talk to girls online or offline, getting them out on a date usually isn’t that difficult, and once you can convince them to come to your condo (immediately, or as a second date), sex will easily occur in most cases.

In summation: if getting laid abroad is important to you, pick a country where the women are hot (to you) and where you can see yourself having success, and move there.

It takes some time to set up a system that works for you, but once you’ve got it streamlined, you can experience a variety and plethora of sexual adventures you may not have ever thought possible back home.

Everything about the Western Collapse And How to Save Yourself

Check out my new book, available on Amazon!

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