Sex tourism in Asia

Sex tourism in Asia

Asia is a massive area consisting of dozens of diverse nations, spread across a very large area.

In my opinion, it’s the most exciting region in the world, with a rich culture and history, a rising and bright future, and a lot to see and do.

Today I want to talk about an aspect of Asia which Western people often associate with it: sex tourism.

When many Western people think of “sex tourism“, they immediately imagine old creepy men who have sex for money in all kinds of dirty shacks with often unwilling women, sometimes even minors.

In short, a very negative image, and a connotation that makes a lot of men hesitant and reluctant about giving their desire for sex tourism in Asia a chance.

The reality is often quite different, and in this article we’ll take a look at the various forms of sex tourism in Asia.

However, before we get started, I would like to emphasize the use of condoms when you are engaging in sex with any girl in these countries:

  • You avoid getting a disease, or giving one to her
  • If you get a girl pregnant because you were too horny or stupid to put on a condom, and you then fuck off and leave the poor thing as a single mother, having to scrape out a miserable existence with no way of escaping from it, you are the scum of the earth and I hope you rot in painful agony
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What is sex tourism?

Sex tourism simply means taking a trip to another country and having sex with (usually young) women or men there.

This can be either for a fee or for free.

Both are excellent options, and I’ve had positive experiences with both.

In Asia, you can find opportunities for sex tourism in pretty much every country (except maybe North Korea, although I’m not sure it’s impossible), but some noticeable highlights are Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Having free sex with women in Asia is quite easy, and if you’re interested and willing to put in the time, it’s definitely an option.

You will have to work and put in some effort, but it’s not hard.

However, sex tourism usually comes down to paying for sex: prostitution.

In my opinion there is nothing wrong with this at all.

Contrary to the negative image many people have of sex tourism in Asia, 90% of this scene is a vibrant, active and mutually beneficial sector.

Both parties in the transaction benefit from this: the man gets sex, and the woman gets money.

Both want what the other can give, and if adult people voluntarily choose to engage in such a transaction, it’s nobody else’s business.

Where can I find sex tourism in Asia?

As in most other countries, you can find sex tourism in Asia in more or less every moderately large city in nearly every country.

Everywhere there are women or men who could use some money and have no problem spreading their legs for it.

But of course, this is much more common in big cities like Manila, Bangkok, Shanghai, Phnom Penh and Saigon, so I’d recommend heading there.

Sex tourism in Asia can manifest itself in many interesting ways, including:

  1. Freelancers
  2. Massage parlors
  3. Bar girls
  4. Escorts
  5. Tuition girls
  6. Karaoke/blowjob bars
  7. Sugar dating
  8. De facto prostitution


There are freelance prostitutes who can approach you on the street or who can be found if you go looking for them.

Every city has areas which they are known to frequent.

That is usually the cheapest option, but you will have to put some effort into finding them.

Also make sure that you always use a condom here, because freelancers are not often the most hygienic option.

Massage parlors

A specialty in Asia are the erotic massage parlors: you go in and buy a “massage”, and then the girl will massage you and turn you on, after which you can pay for “more” – a handjob, blowjob or full-on sex.

This is usually a very pleasant and fun experience, especially when oil is used.

I can fully recommend this, it’s really exciting!

A potential problem here is that it is not always clear which massage parlors offer happy endings and which do not.

With some experience in this sector you can usually make an educated guess, but it can also happen that you pay for a massage, get all excited, and receive nothing more than a massage and irritate the masseuse with your erection.

So be sure to research this option, and don’t initiate anything.

Leave it to the masseuse, and see what she does.

You’ll know and feel when she’s up for more – if not, leave it be and find another salon.

Bar girls

In Asia there are also certain bars where you can find plenty of prostitutes working there – these are not ordinary bars, but establishments that are fully focused on this business model.

You buy the girl of your choice a drink, and then you can negotiate quickly and quietly about what you want.

Often you can just fuck them at the back of the bar (they usually have beds), but you will have to pay extra for that.

A lot of girls are also just open to going to your hotel or condo after their shift, and that’s what I would recommend – it’s cleaner, gives you more freedom, and the girl actually gets to keep all of the money she “works” for.


You can also hire escorts through certain websites or through a service like Serenity Sex Vacation.

These are prostitutes of a higher standard who come to your hotel room for a few hours.

Very relaxing, you don’t have to do much except order and then pay them.

The disadvantage is that these are usually the most expensive option.

Tuition girls

In the Philippines, there are also plenty of “tuition girls”: girls in college or university who occasionally fuck a man for money to pay their tuition fees.

I’ve heard that you can approach the security guards at colleges and universities and get a list of such girls, but I have no experience with that and it seems kind of weird in any case.

I don’t think it’s likely that girls will just put their name on a list and then pass that guard every day, knowing he knows.

A better option is to approach them via social media – but be subtle.

Other options

There are plenty of other options to find sex tourism in Asia such as Karaoke bars, Blowjob bars, Nuru massages and so on.

It all depends on where you go and what you want.

A karaoke bar is similar to a massage parlor, but where you pick a girl and instead of getting a massage, you can bring her into a semi-darkened room, have some food and drink, and sing and probably fuck.

I prefer the massage, but to each his own.

A blowjob bar is simply a discreet bar where you can get a blow job in a comfortable seat. Pretty fun!

Sugar dating

Sugar dating is also possible, where you support a girl financially and she gives you “physical support”.

You’re usually not paying the girl per time you fuck, but it’s more of a long-term transactional relationship, where you can usually get all kinds of sexual benefits as long as you support her.

This has pros and cons, it’s basically a kind of girlfriend that you don’t have any romantic connection with, so you can just keep fucking other women and your sugar baby has absolutely nothing to say about that.

De facto prostitution

There is also “de facto prostitution”, girls who are in a weird gray zone.

They don’t work as prostitutes, they just study or work, and haven’t really thought about taking money for sex yet, but they’re open to it.

You can just date them, and if you find that your attempts at escalation are failing, you can try subtly offering some money

Is sex tourism in Asia legal?

Sex tourism in Asia is often not legal, but is more in a gray zone of tolerance, such as in certain Western countries.

In theory it is illegal – for moronic and often religious reasons – but in practice it is omnipresent and policy makers realize this too.

Hell, they are almost always frequent and enthusiastic partakers!

Everyone knows what happens in an erotic massage parlor or a girly bar, and the fact that these just stay open says a lot.

Just like in most other countries, I can therefore advise you not to shout your activities from the rooftops, but just subtly go ahead and have fun.

If you draw too much attention to it, a corrupt cop or politician may come knocking on your door and take your money.

Be discreet and have fun, but realize that you are in a tolerance zone – so don’t push your boundaries.

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