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Moving to Oman

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Shithole Paradise

What is Oman?

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Oman is a hot, dictatorial, Islamic Arabian country

The Sultanate of Oman is a relatively large Arabian country, bordering Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Yemen.

It’s got a pretty long coast on the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman.

The capital is Muscat, which has been a central trading port in the region for centuries.

Oman is the oldest continuously “independent” Arabian state, with plenty of oil, a high-income economy, and of course a daily dose of bigotry.

Oman is very much dependent on the export of oil, which accounts for over 80% of its total export. Tourism is a growing factor, however.

It’s a pretty rich country –for now – and that expresses itself in a top-grade health care system, decent quality of living (relatively speaking, if you discount the lack of civil liberties), low pollution, and so on.

It used to be under heavy influence of the UK (de facto colonization), and currently it’s a unitary state, an absolute monarchy led by a sultan, based on a hereditary system – nothing could ever go wrong with that.

The sultan/king/emperor/despot controls foreign affairs and defense, has absolute power and issues laws by decree.

In short, this guy is god in his country, his word is law, his authority is inviolable and the judiciary branch is subordinate to him – as is basically everything else.

And of course this is an Islamic country, which means Sharia law is in force, due process is a joke, and while civil liberties and personal freedoms and technically protected, they are of course brushed aside on a daily basis.

Torture, beatings, abuse, sleep deprivation, and other fun stuff are the name of the game of this regime.

Geographically speaking, Oman’s mostly gravel desert plain, mountain ranges and coastal areas.

Its climate is hot (one of the hottest in the world) and dry in the center, but more humid near the coast.

Oddly enough, Oman is a hot spot for whale watching. Yes, that’s right, in this random Arabian country you can marvel at the beautiful Arabian humpback whales, sperm whales and pygmy blue whales.

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Moving to Oman requirements

The requirements for taking a trip to Oman are negligible, as many nationalities don’t need to apply for a visa for a stay of up to 14 days, and in other cases you can get an eVisa for a stay of 30 days, which can be extended.

Staying here for a longer period of time can be done through employment at an Omani company, or via investing large sums of money into the country.

The language barrier might be pretty thick, as the average English proficiency is Very Low.

Compared to other Arabian countries such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai, the cost of living is moderate.

Cost of living in Oman

The cost of living in Oman hovers around $1,200 a month for a single person.

If you keep your air con on all day (because it’s very hot here), this number can easily increase.

Don’t count on just getting by with that amount, however, because unforeseen circumstances could easily cause you additional stress and expenses, so I would say you’d need around $2,500 a month to really be secure in Oman.

And remember: you do have to pay taxes on this income.

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Living in Oman advantages

  • Great climate

    Oman’s pretty hot, but not humid, has a lot of sunshine and not a lot of rain

  • Decent visa system

    It’s pretty easy to get into Oman, as you often don’t even need a visa for a short stay, and for a longer stay you could apply online

  • Beautiful nature

    While Oman is of course largely a desert, there are also gorgeous beaches, mountains, and other natural vistas to be seen. And of course, believe it or not, whale watching is a thing here

  • Pretty safe

    Oman scores very well on most safety factors, and internationally speaking it's unlikely to get involved in a war

Living in Oman disadvantages

  • Low English Proficiency

    Better brush up on your Arabic, because English isn’t widely spoken at all

  • Dictatorial shithole

    Oman’s a monarchy where the sultan has absolute power, which of course brings about all sorts of civil rights violations, restrictions on personal freedoms, and so forth

  • Islamic country

    As if the above wasn’t bad enough, you can couple this with the fact that it’s an Islamic country, where “justice” is based on an archaic belief system, women are third-class citizens, etc

  • Too hot sometimes

    Fortunately Oman isn’t humid, but temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius (104 F) aren’t pleasant in any case

  • Lagging economy dependent on oil

    Oman’s economy (which isn’t doing all too well based on GDP growth over the last decade) is largely based on oil, a fossil fuel which hopefully and probably will be replaced within the next century

  • Taxes on international income

    If you’re residing in Oman, you’ll be paying taxes on your income, regardless of where it comes from – way less than in Western nations, true, but still

  • Subpar residence and citizenship options

    Attaining Omani residence can be done through employment or heavy investment, but citizenship isn’t an option in almost all cases, nor would you want to because dual nationality isn’t allowed (unless the Godking grants you permission)

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Moving to Oman - by the numbers

Oman Score
Shithole Paradise

Climate: 9.6/10

Hours of sunshine (10/10) Temperature (9/10) Rainy days (10/10) Humidity (9.5/10)
29 C – 84 F

Level of English: 2/10

Very Low Proficiency

Cost of Living: 7/10

Minimum Annual Wage Average monthly cost single person

Taxes on international income: 7.5/10


In most cases you’ll be paying 15% on your income, except if you form an LLC and fulfill some conditions.

Economic growth: 5/10

Average GDP growth over the last 10 years: 2.6%

Safety: 9.7/10

Global Terrorism Index (10/10) Intentional homicide rate (10/10) Rape rate (9/10)

Visa: 5.2/10

  • Visa (8.5/10)

    Most Westerners can enter Oman for 14 days without a visa, or they can get a single or multiple entry eVisa for 30 days. You can also apply for a 30 day Tourist visa, which can be extended once for another 30 days

  • Permanent Residence (5/10)

    Possible through investment (Oman Golden Visa), you’ll need to invest a significant sum in the country (over a million USD for 10 years). Other options are usually linked to being employed by an Omani company: after working here for several years you can apply for permanent residence

  • Citizenship (2/10)

    Technically possible, if you’ve lived there for 20 years (15 if you’re married to a citizen and have a child with her), but foreigners are rarely granted citizenship (unless you’re a woman who married an Omani man), and it doesn’t allow dual citizenship

How is Oman to live in?

Life in Oman for foreigners isn’t too great in most cases – unless you’re fine with paying taxes on your income, living under an Islamic dictatorship, having an above average cost of living (compared to most countries I’ve talked about) and being in a lagging economy.

Sure, there are redeeming features, such as the great weather, the sometimes beautiful nature and the easy visa process, and the relative safety, but that’s about it … and Oman isn’t the only country which can offer these, not by a long shot.

There are dozens of countries which offer much better prospects than this Arabian shithole.

Living here isn’t recommended whatsoever, and it’s not even any good for any of your Flags.

Avoid at all costs.

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