Every country sucks

Every country sucks

Escaping the Western world is something I would advise every freedom and sanity loving man and woman to do.

On this site, I try to help as many people as possible with attaining this goal, by explaining how you can get a location independent income (so you can earn money wherever you go) and by talking about potential countries where you can move to.

To many people who are even vaguely contemplating a move away from the West, the choice of where to go is probably one of the most limiting factors, because there are so many great options.

Currently I’ve discussed a few dozen countries, which you can read about in other articles.

Many other people, however, avoid moving away from the West because they think there aren’t any good options at all.

“Every country sucks, except mine!”


“Why would I want to leave the US, it’s the greatest country in the world, all the others are a worse options!”

Things like that.

Well, which one is it? Are there plenty of great options to move to, or does every country suck?

Both are correct, and we’ll now look at these two stances.

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There are plenty of great options

The world consists of roughly 200 countries, city-states, and other small entities that can be considered a separate unit.

Every single country has some unique features that make it stand out from the pack, and which make it a desirable option to move to.

For example, if budget is an issue for you, countries in Southeast Asia such as the Philippines and Vietnam will appeal to you because their cost of living is so low.

If budget isn’t an issue and one of your main criteria is “hot women”, perhaps Dubai is more to your liking.

If you cannot speak any other language than English, consider a country where it is widely spoken.

If you’re into ladyboys, give Thailand a go.

Point is, regardless of what you’re after, there will be a country for you.

There are plenty of great options, true, however …

Every country sucks

Unfortunately, the pessimists who say that every country except theirs sucks, so leaving isn’t an option are also correct.

Half-correct, actually.

Every country sucks, INCLUDING your own.

There are no truly awesome countries on the world, every single country has glaring and often detrimental aspects to it that make it less than ideal.

Yes, every country has unique characteristics which can make it a great options for you … but it also has certain factors which make it suck.

In my “Moving to … ” guides, I always list some of the major advantages a country has, as well as some of the glaring disadvantages.

Let’s take Thailand as an example.


  • Low cost of living
  • Great climate
  • Easy sex
  • Beautiful nature
  • Booming economy


  • Frustrating visa process
  • Humid
  • Low level of English proficiency
  • Potentially unstable government

As you can tell, there are some really significant advantages to be found in this country, and if you value those more than you are bothered about the disadvantages, Thailand is a great place to move to.

If the disadvantages, however, prove too much of a hindrance, you are free to look elsewhere.

So what should you do?

You have to accept that there are no great countries to move to.

Every single country is great at some things, and sucks at most others.

Upon researching the available options, you will find that there are aspects of certain places in the world which are right up your alley.

Beautiful weather, sub-$1,000 per month cost of living, hot and easy women, legal weed, legal whores, a rising economy, no taxes on your income, and so on.

But you will likewise find that for every great thing about a country there is at least one horrible thing.

Elevated crime (although not as high as in many places of the US, for example), poor infrastructure, low English proficiency, slow internet, a very religious and superstitious population, no freedom of press, you name it.

This is something you will have to accept.

All you can do is think clearly about what you want in your life.

What is important to you? Which are your parameters for a happy life, what is absolutely crucial for you?

For me, these are things like warm weather, low cost of living, beautiful beaches, women who are open to foreigners, and so on. For you, they might be completely different.

Once you’ve set your parameters, simply apply them to the countries which catch your eye, and see which of those is the least bad.

Find which country within your parameters sucks the least, and you’ve found a place to move to.

Because I can assure you, almost every single country I’ve discussed here on this site is, or will be, a far better option than staying in the collapsing West.

Everything about the Western Collapse And How to Save Yourself

Check out my new book, available on Amazon!

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2 thoughts on “Every country sucks

  1. Bruce Herman
    Bruce Herman says:

    Yes. Very interesting. What about Equadore. Photos of women are gorgeous. Also my buddy has been in Ethiopia for a year. I’ve seen videos. Girls are cute. Nice smile. $ 1000 U.S. you’re going to live well. The capital, Addis Ababa is the best place to go. In the Bush you never know what you might run into. Run into a Rhinosarus just mind your own business and keep moving.

    1. Stephen

      I haven’t checked out Ecuador or Ethiopia yet, but I certainly will in the future.

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