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Outcome Independence

Today I want to talk about outcome independence, a topic which at first glance isn’t directly related to the overall theme of my site: the collapse of the Western world and how you can save yourself.

However, as I’ll try to explain, having a high degree of outcome independence is a massive boon to both your ability to actually escape the West, as to your continued happiness in life.

What is outcome independence?

Outcome independence simply means not giving a fuck about a single outcome of any particular situation.

You still care about the overall picture, of course, but any particular instance does not bother you.

If things go your way, great!

If they don’t … well, you shrug it off and move on with your life.

You are independent of any singular outcome.

This can manifest itself in many aspects of your life:


The first area where outcome independence can play a major important role is your financial life, which also includes your businesses, sources of income, and so on.

If you rely on any singular source of income, you are extremely vulnerable to being cut off from that source, and this has a major disastrous effect on your (subconscious) happiness.

Knowing that you could lose 100% of your income when something happens to that singular source is horrible for your psyche, and you should do your utmost to make sure you have redundancy: multiple sources of self-employed, location independent income.

On this site I’ve talked about this topic quite a bit already, so I’ll link you to some helpful articles:

The main point here is that you should be diversified in your financial life, so that you do not depend on the outcome of any particular job, investment, source of income, and so on.

This is of course very important if you want to escape the West, because you cannot do so reliably when you are depending on the income of a job – you have to be at least self-employed, and preferably (and most definitely highly recommend) with several sources of income which do not rely on a singular country.

Your investments likewise shouldn’t be based in one sector, be it gold, cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds, real estate, whatever.

Spread them around, and do so across the world as well – I call this setting up Bases, and it’s one of the primary objectives of a Citizen of the World.


When it comes to dating, outcome independence is without a doubt of primary importance.

It is in fact the opposite of being needy, and anyone with some dating experience knows that neediness is very unattractive.

If you are outcome independent when it comes to dating, you do not give a shit whether a particular date goes well or not – you do your best to make it succeed, of course, but if the man/woman you are dating turns out to be a dick/bitch, doesn’t show up, or just isn’t into you … well, you shrug it off and move on to the next one.

Of course, in order to be outcome independent romantically and sexually, you need to have abundance as well.

If you have zero other options apart from the person you’re on a date or in a relationship with, you’ll naturally be more needy and highly dependent on the outcome of said date, because that one person represents the whole of your dating life.

Date multiple men/women at the same time – have abundance in your romantic and sexual life.

Non-monogamy is a big topic, and it’ll have to wait for another day.


Many, way too many people are highly dependent on their family.

And I don’t just mean financially – depending on mommy and daddy to pay the bills and take care of them, well into their 20s and 30s, but also emotionally.

It’s a sad fact that many people nowadays are emotionally stunted.

Where a century ago people were adults at 18 (or even way before that), with a job and a family and responsibilities, now it’s not uncommon to see a man-child of 30+ still living with their parents, scared to go out into the world.

Apart from that, most people are also highly sensitive to what their family thinks of them and their life choices.

  • “Oh no, I can’t move to another country, I can’t leave my mom/dad/brother/cousins/…!”
  • “Oh no, I can’t stay single and have sex with as many people as I want for the rest of my life, what would my grandma say?”
  • “Oh no, I can’t start up that business I’ve always wanted, I’ve got to be a dentist just like my dad, I don’t want to disappoint them!”

Situations like there are unfortunately all too common, and people depend on the outcome of any one relationship or any one family member.

You have to be able to toughen up and tell your family members to fuck off (to their face, if needed, or just in your own head) so you can live your life the way you want to live.

This is a core idea which Harry Browne has explained much more eloquently in his seminal book How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, which I highly recommend.

Unexpected situations

And finally we get to “unexpected situations”, a sort of “miscellaneous” encapsulation of just having a general outcome independence outlook in life.

Once you’ve got your life on order financially, physically, logistically and romantically/sexually, you’ll be able to shrug off most situations which used to bother you.

  • Your date didn’t show up? Fuck it.
  • You lost money on an investment? Fuck it.
  • You had to pay an unexpectedly higher bill? Fuck it.
  • Your mom and dad do not approve of your choice to escape the West? Fuck it.
  • You lost your house, your girlfriend, woke up in a pool of your own vomit? Fuck it.

You are outcome independent, you know that whatever any singular situation brings, you can deal with it.

This is a wonderful way to live, because very little can affect you, and your potential for long-term consistent happiness skyrockets.

It’ll take years of dedication to attain this state, but it’s 100% worth it.

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