How to escape the collapsing West

Take control of your own life

And find Freedom and happiness abroad

Dear friend,

Aren’t you tired of paying more than 50% of the money you work for in taxes to your incompetent and inefficient government, for systems you might not agree with?

Don’t you feel like your country has been going to hell the last few years, or even decades?

Getting annoyed with stuck-up women, a massive amount of bureaucracy, and thousands of silly rules and laws that determine how you have to live your life?

Would you like to know how you can find a better future for yourself?

I’m here to tell you that you aren’t alone, and that you aren’t wrong. You can solve all your problems by one simple action: escaping the West.

My story...

Years ago, I was stuck in the same hopeless situation. A dead-end job I hated, constantly upset with the current status quo of my country, politicians making a mess of everything, the rising crime, the shitty weather, the increasingly-unapproachable women, and so on.

One day, I had enough of it. I packed my bags, and just left the West behind, settling in Asia.

This was hands-down the best decision of my life, and I’m enjoying its benefits to this day.

But it wasn’t easy, not at all. I had to figure out a lot of things by myself, and I made tons of mistakes.

I picked the wrong countries, I relied on an (online) job, I didn’t know how to protect myself and my assets, or what being a Citizen of the World actually entailed.

After years of trial-and-error, I’m finally in a position where I can honestly say I’m fully satisfied with where I am.

  • I make a substantial international income through various sources

  • I've lived in some of the greatest countries of the world, currently in Southeast Asia, and am free to move wherever, whenever I want

  • I can schedule my days however I see fit

  • The amount of taxes I have to legally pay is extremely low

  • I have regular sex with young, attractive women

  • I never have to worry about the collapsing Western world ever again

  • I'm fully self-sufficient, with Bases across the world

After all of these experiences, I’ve written a book titled Escaping the West, where I show you first off why the West is in such dire straits, and more importantly: how you can save yourself by becoming self-sufficient and where you can go.

The West is collapsing, this is inevitable. The only question remains:

Are you going to sit there and go down with it, or will you take action to save yourself?

What readers have to say:

Another great read by Stephen Phoenix. Very informative, an absolute must-read in today's world.

M. Coussement


Huge book, packed with solid information. Lots of detailed information on how to get on when leaving the west, lots of great points!


J. Whitaker

United Kingdom

Packed with good info. Great read

D. Marchant


What you get:

  • Learn everything about why and how the West is collapsing

    The high taxes, mass immigration, untenable welfare system, emasculation of society, and so on

  • Analysis of 40+ countries where you can move to

    Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean, and dozens more

  • Everything you need to start a new life, wherever you want

    Become a master of your own destiny by creating your own sources of location independent income, so you can earn a living anywhere

  • Become a citizen of the world

    By setting up Bases all over the world and making sure no government can ever stop your happiness

100% money back guarantee

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